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There are multiple benefits to massage, including:
- Pain reduction
- Stress relief
- Increased mobility
- Improved circulation
- Postural adjustment
- Improved performance
Massage can also be used to assist in the treatment
of various medical conditions, including:
- Frozen Shoulder
- Sciatica
- Fybromialgia
- Tendonitis
- Tension Headaches
- Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
- Sprains & Strains

First Class!  I run 50 to 100 miles a week and compete regularly in mountain ultra races so my body takes a battering. I find a regular sports massage from Jennifer helps speed up my recovery, so I’m ready for my next event. I would highly recommend a visit before and after an event.


Scott Robb, Falkland

Jen was recommended to me by a friend after I commented on some ongoing minor issues with injuries.  As a full time martial arts and fitness instructor at Fife Kickboxing I need to have functional movement to run my club.  Jen has been brilliant! She's helped fix issues with my shoulders, low back and hips, allowing me to get me back to full fitness.  A definite 5-star service!

Craig Reid - Fife Kickboxing

Session Prices

- 30 mins - £22
- 60 mins - £43
- 90 mins - £64
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